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Drink Illustrations

While I’m first a photographer, I pride myself on being a relatively versatile creative. I know my way around Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator and am slowly working my way around After Effects. (Premiere, you’re next. 👀) Recently, I was prompted to create original content for a newsletter on an article about the newest trends in the beverage scene – spiked anything. And so, this Austin photographer booted up good ole Illustrator and got to work.

I took the most iconic and visually well known brands and stripped them down to their bare bones. No logos, no real text, only the bare minimum a viewer needed to identify them remained. Then, I took the newcomers to the beverage scene – like spiked kombucha, hard seltzers, hard cold brew and created illustrations of those. Those are a little trickier to identify since they’re not the most well known yet. But let’s see if you can tell what they are!

Check out more of Studio K10 illustration work here!

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