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Flix Brewhouse

Food, beer and movies – what’s not to love? Round Rock based Flix Brewhouse prides itself on being the first to combine all three in nine beautiful cinema-breweries around the country.

What about Alamo Drafthouse / Marcus’s Movie Taverns though? Don’t they do the same thing?

Nope. Flix brews its own award winning beers in house and is the only first run cinema chain to do so. As I created content for them over the last year, Flix Brewhouse gave me the opportunity to hone my photography in a few different ways.

Flix Brewhouse is a small chain, but with its popularity, it’s rapidly expanding. New locations meant new photos to show them off on social and for potential investors.

With an ever changing menu inspired by the latest blockbusters, I was able to practice food styling and lighting in a pitch dark theater. But I also was able to work with models, coaching them through the shot to capture imagery perfect for billboards, website banners and news.

burger with brisket and onion rings at Flix Brewhouse with a beer, studio k10

It’s safe to say the cinema industry will never be the same after COVID-19, but it was a pleasure to create content for Flix Brewhouse to use as the film industry recovers.

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